Support of interdisciplinary and team schooling and cooperation - the programme includes participants from different fields of social and health care services and initiates them to mutual cognizance and learning from one another.

• Support of processes of creative change - the programme focuses on the management of innovation and on changes on all levels of services.

• Emphasis on work of high quality and its evaluation - the programme arises from the needs of practice and cares of provoking a practice of high quality and evaluation with the usage of research.

• Appreciation of a value of an individual and the quality of their life - the programme stresses the importance of ethic and interpersonal relations in services and care of their impact on life of the clients / patients and workers, as well.

• Activating of student in the process of learning and validation of their responsibility of the result - the core of the learning lies in the individual interest of students and their professional development thanks to carefully chosen and planned action and problem learning, which is supported by the teachers.

• Contact with international development of scientific findings and quality work - programme uses the international cooperation, contacts and joint programmes with American and European universities and institutions in order to enrich the education and develop the inter-cultural educations of students.

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