Aims of studies

The aim of the studies is to prepare head workers for middle and top level of management in the field of providing social, social-health and health-care services. It is a developing area, which must adapt to quickly growing share of elderly citizens in a populations and their need, growing insufficiently of financial means from public budgets, growing demands on quality and effectiveness of provided services and demands connecting with the responsibility of providers. The development of providing social and health services has its origin in the context of European development, in harmonisation of legal environment, in availability, quality and methods of their evaluation. Great emphasis is put on rights and needs of clients and their caretakers, on the adaptability of services in natural environment and on the support for assisting workers in achieving the quality practice. In the given sense the programme is unique and is not taught anywhere else in the Czech Republic in this form and extent. The programme enables its students to specialize in two fields - supervision and /or management. The studies provide the students also with the option to actively participate in research projects (in a form of student works, participation in research projects, participation in conferences etc.)

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Management and Supervision

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