Professional skills

Graduates are able to apply findings of the research of methods on their own research study in the field of social or health-care services. Thanks to their specialisation they are prepared to work as supervisors or managers in social or/and health organisation according to their previous qualification and the specialisation of the defended portfolio. The graduates specializing in management is able to recognize, how an effective organisation looks like from the point of view of an organisation development and human resources development. They are also able to clarify connection between social and economic environment and their impacts on the decision-making of head workers. They are also able to completely analyse social or health-care organisation and to support their change with regard to specific needs of people, human rights and ethic elements of care of handicapped groups of clients. They are well informed about various methods of implementation / management of development with regard to rights and needs of users and to effectiveness of services. The graduate from the management specialisation performed, under the lead of a teacher and in cooperation with a contact person in the organisation, selected tasks for the identification and support of possible changes in connection to existing resources and given aims of the organisation and their evaluation.

The graduates with the specialisation in supervision have systematically developed and documented in the supervisor´s portfolio their knowledge and experience from the field of self-reflection and their own supervision, with supervision methods of work with individuals, groups and / or teams, with the education of adults, onto which they have based their postgraduate master studies. They practice basic methods of supervision and implement them in accordance with the criteria of the good practice and with the supervision contract in special schools or organisations of social or health services.

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