Mgr. Petr Vrzáček

Petr VRZÁČEK, senior lecturer

Research Areas

  • Systemic, Strategic and Project Management

  • Communication and Management of Change


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Contact Information and Office Hours

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Education, trainings

• Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Social Work, 2018 - , Doctoral Studies

• Pedagogical faculty, Charles University Mathematics and civics, September 1990 – June 1996, Master degree in mathematics and civics

• Czech technical university; Prague; Technology, September 1987 – August 1989

• Open Society Fund Prague, Training skills, March – September 1998

• National Center for Community Education, Flint, Michigan, USA, Community Education; April 1998

• Mansys Institute, Prague, Moderation skills, December 1998

• Open Society Institute – Institute for Educational policy, Education policy seminar, Budapest, Hungary, Professor Noel McGinn, July 1999

• Open Society Institute – Institute for Educational policy, Project planning and Evaluation, Budapest, Hungary, Professor Ulrich Schiefer and Reinald Dobel, September and December 2000

Language Skills

Czech (native speaker), English, Russian, Hungarian

Present Positions

Present Positions

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University

Chairman of the board of Nová škola, o.p.s., (NGO)

Other Recent Professional Activities

• Development of Regional Centers of the Czech Alzheimer Society – consultant and strategic planning facilitator

• Centre of Forster Care Support – lecture and methodist

• Development of Culture and Quality of Care – Master’s Degree Programmes Enhancing Social and Health Care Management – member of the project management team, analyst

Other jobs

• 2003 - 2006 - Caritas Europa, expert consultant for strategic planning and organizational development in Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia

• 2005 - ex-ante evaluator of the operational program Education for Competitiveness

• 2006 - 2011 - INBAS GmbH. - evaluator of individual projects submitted under FM EHS / Norway

• 2007 - 2010 - conducting process audits for, process auditor

• 2008 - 2011 - British Council, Challenge Europe project, methodology

• 2010 - 2012 - methodology of the Center for Substitute Family Care, o.s.

• 2016 - 2018 - expert for organizations supported by the MLSA grant Capacity building and professionalization of non-governmental non-profit organizations - Aperio, LOM and ELIM Vsetín.

• 2013 - present - NROS - Non-Profit of the Year - author of the methodology, annual evaluator

• 2003 - present - consultant for strategic, operational and crisis planning in civil sector organizations at the national and international level

• 2019 – present – Ministry of Health, Support for palliative care - increasing the availability of health services in the field of palliative care in acute and aftercare hospitals, mentor and methodologist


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• VRZÁČEK, P. Non-for-profits strategists, in: Communication with public and something extra…, Spiralis, Prague 2003, page 7, Czech

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• VRZÁČEK, P. Leading According to the Organizational Values in: Organizational Values in Social and Health Services, Faculty of Humanities, Prague, 2010, Czech, page 179

• FURMANÍKOVÁ, L., HAVRDOVÁ, Z., TOLLAROVÁ, B., VRZÁČEK P. Who and how initiates and leads the process of transformation of residential social services? Sociální Práce (Sociálna práca), 2013/1, page 49 – 60, Czech

• VRZÁČEK, P. Professionalization of NGOs and Human Resources, Proposals for Action, Czech Republic Government, baseline study for development of the Czech Republic NGO strategy, 2014, Czech

• SEVEROVÁ, P., VRZÁČEK, P. Attitudes of municipal politicians towards the socially excluded people/socially excluded localities. Sociální Práce (Sociálna práca), 2015/2, page 50 – 65, Czech

• VRZÁČEK, P., AGOSTINHO, M., HUOTARI, P.,MANTYNEVA, M., HAVRDOVÁ, Z. Analysis of Needs and Resources. In HAVRDOVÁ, Z., MATTHEWS-SMITH, G., HUOTARI, P. Developing Cross-Cultural Competencies in Health and Social Care Management. Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Part 20, 2016

• VRZÁČEK a kol. Krabička poslední záchrany. Manuál řízení neziskových organizací. Praha: Togga a FHS UK, 2017.

• VRZÁČEK et al. A Survival Kit for NGOs: NGO Management Handbook. Praha: Togga and FHS UK, 2017.

• VRZÁČEK a kol. Krabička poslední záchrany. Manuál řízení neziskových organizací. Druhé rozšířené vydání. Praha: Togga, 2018.

11. EEA/Norway FM monitoring experience

2006 - Writing of the baseline study - "Modernization and equipment of crèches, nursery

2011: CZ0119 schools, schools, special school-education centers, orphanages in the Czech Republic

Appraisal of the following projects:

2006: CZ00014, CZ0042

2007: SK0039, SK0048

2008: SK0060, SK0062, CZ0062, CZ0063, CZ0083, CZ0090, consultations of CZ0061

2009: SK0101, SK0103, SK0128, SK0129, SK0103

2010: CZ0119

Other Evaluations

1999 – Open Society Fund Prague and the Czech Republic Ministry of Education – evaluation of the second phase of the National Programme for the Development of Education in the Czech Republic (White Paper).

2004 – 2006 – Prague University of Economics – ex-ante evaluation of the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness

2012 – Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Czech Republic – evaluation of the Czech Republic residential social services transformation

Other creative activities

• Photo exhibition, Mongolia, Oradea, Romania, 2006.

• VRZÁČEK, P. Robot Pepe and his adventures. Prague, 2014.

• VRZÁČEK, P. Pepe robot kalandjai. Prague, 2015.

• VRZÁČEK, P. Diaries of organized merriment and free journey 1981-2000. Prague: Togga. 2020

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