INORP - International project outcomes

Innovation through Reflexivity and Participation (INORP): Strengthening the education and professionalization of social work at the interface of other professions

Outputs of the EU-funded international project Erasmus+ K203-CAC1B7D2 Strategic Partnership for Innovation 2020-2023. The project partners are:

Charles University (Czech Republic) as project coordinator;

Universiteit Gent (Belgium) as the project coordinator;

Helsingin Yliopisto (Finland);

University College Dublin (Ireland); and

Instituto Superior de Serviço Social do Porto (ISSSP) (Portugal).

The Associated Partner in the Czech Republic is the Association of Social Work Educators (ASVSP).

The INORP project aimed to develop methodologies to strengthen the competences of actors involved in the development of health and social care practice, research and education, including teachers, students and actors of diverse group identities, with a view to applying participatory and inclusive approaches to working with service users and promoting reflexivity in different areas of social work.

The main outputs of the project are available here:

Practice Guide (output O4) for those who want to start a project based on Reflective Participatory Partnership (RPP) - link without registration

Your questions and comments can be sent to:

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